This tutorial leans heavily on video content to demonstrate how to install and use the jDeploy IntelliJ Plugin to create and deploy Java desktop applications using GitHub releases.

For more information about jDeploy see the jDeploy website. For more information about the jDeploy IntelliJ plugin, see the GitHub repository.


This video shows how to download and install the plugin. At time of writing, the plugin is not available in the plugin marketplace, so you will need to download and install from GitHub directly.

How to create a new project using the Swing template

This video shows how to create a new project using this jDeploy project wizard, and the Swing maven project template.

Highlights of this project:

  1. Auto-generated GitHub Repository

  2. GitHub actions to trigger publication of desktop installers on each commit

How to customize the app icon and splash screens

This video shows how to configure a custom app icon and splash screen for your app using the jDeploy settings dialog.

How auto-updates work with your jDeploy application

This video demonstrates how auto-updating works with jDeploy. It shows a project repository with two branches and some versioned releases, and demonstrates how each branch corresponds to a different version of the application, each with independent updates.

How to publish as a WASM/JS application on GitHub pages

This video demonstrates how to use jDeploy’s CheerpJ support for building and deploying your Swing application as a pure Javascript+WASM web app to GitHub pages.

How to create a JavaFX Application

This video shows how to create a new JavaFX project using the IntelliJ plugin.

How to create a Codename One Application

This video shows how to create a new Codename One project using the jDeploy IntelliJ plugin.

Codename One is a library, framework, and toolkit for building cross-platform applications, which are primarily targeting mobile platforms. Applications build with Codename One can be deployed as native iOS and Android apps, Javascript, Windows, and macOS.

Keeping your sources private

This video shows how to create a project using a private GitHub repository so that your sources stay private. When using a private repository for your sources, it will create a separate, public, "releases" repository for your releases.

How to create a game with FXGL

This tutorial shows how to use the "fxgl" project template to create and deploy a game using the FXGL Java game development framework.